DRUMMER: In between DJing and producing electronic music, Palomo finds time to exercise his limbs beating on drums and crossing over to take the stage in Chicago’s thriving live music scene. Situated in between the nightclub and the music hall is his fiercely technical and nearly drum machine like performances with industrial trio Kill Memory Crash, of Ghostly International fame. KMC performances have taken Palomo to stages at Movement (Detroit) and Decibel (Seattle) festivals.

2009-10 saw Palomo on hiatus from most other production projects to focus almost exclusively on the meteoric rise of post-punk dance rock outfit The Streets on Fire. Born from an abandoned currency exchange, the four members nursed an infectious synergistic energy that worked its way from this raw rehearsal space to tireless studio sessions, radio play, video shoots, movie licensing and all the way to national tour engagements and SXSW showcases. Two albums (“Hot Weekend” and “This is Fancy”) and many a memorable dancefloor pits later, The Streets on Fire remains one of Palomo’s most anticipated band projects – an ongoing project TBD.

Continuing to take advantage of Chicago’s collaborative culture and wealth of multi-disciplinary artists that come from all over, Palomo also works with a third indie-alternative band, 55 - driven by a mix of DC rock, Montreal melody, Iowa twang, UK basslines, and Chicago dance.

His drumming has also appeared on other band projects The Head of A Girl, Thin Cherries, Fly Over State, Stroller, and Elvin.